Kevan Gilbert is an entertaining writer, engaging keynote speaker, and highly skilled facilitator. As Domain7’s Facilitation Practice Lead, Kevan’s vision is to help draw out our generation’s collective genius. He has emcee’d at Microsoft for the Vancouver User Experience Awards, been the closing keynote at London-based Content Ed Live, designed and led Domain7’s annual Design Thinking Days, and debuted new session designs at SXSWedu (and more). He works from home on his family farm outside Kelowna, BC with his science-minded wife Kendra and their four cartoonishly personality-filled children: Adelaide, Benjamin, Theodore and Rosalie.

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Kevan is currently working on a book called Empathy for the Digital Age. Other things you might not know Kevan has worked on include:

An original addictive Christmas music video
A album of free electronica music created on an iPhone

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Kevan is available for keynotes, panels, workshops and talks.

“Engaging, entertaining, authentic. Kevan drew a capacity crowd - in fact we had to expand the room size. We would highly recommend him as a speaker with a relevant message.”
- Catherine Ducharme


You can hire Kevan as a Birkman coach.

“If you're setting out on a journey of introspection, Kevan will advise you on the right path, point out your blind spots with grace, and ultimately help you arrive at a better understanding of yourself.”
- Curtis Pullen


Kevan’s work as a facilitator draws on Art of Hosting practices, design thinking and systems thinking to draw out remarkable insights and stories from groups.

“Kevan is a deep thinker and takes time to learn about all the aspects of his client's business.”
- Christina de Jong

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